• henning larsen wins 2019

    henning larsen wins 2019

    Henning Larsen won this year’s European Architecture Award. One of Europe’s most prestigious architectural awards The award is jointly presented by the Center for European Architecture and Design Studies and Chicago Athenaeum. The award is presented annually from 2010 onwards to architects whose work embodies a vision of dedication and deep respect Is donated to humanity and the social and physical environment. The Awards Committee honored and appreciated Henning Larsen’s commitment to maintaining and sustaining art in the field of architecture. Since the founding of the corporate architecture office, many design boundaries have been created to create more sustainable and livable buildings as well as prosperity. He has discovered cities for the general public. They believe that architecture is a tool for democracy and a framework for a better life. Since the death of Henning Larsen in 2013, the company is now run by an architectural team led by Louis Becker and Matthew Kane Freunden, who renamed Henick Larsen. They have won the world even more than the status and world fame. Looking at recent symbols such as the 2018 Komuna Eye City Hall and as historical projects such as the Malmö City Library in Sweden in 1999, Narkovich-Line balanced the use of Henning Larsen’s architecture as a tool for democracy and well-being of celebrity and the arts. Henning Larsen’s projects have captured the imagination of people around the world and are instantly recognizable as a symbol of the nations they represent. In a sense, they are symbols that have become eternal

    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
  • Four teams designed for international design competition

    Four teams designed for international design competition

    The four teams designated for the Houston Endowment Design International Contest were announced today by the Houston Endowment Designers and Real Estate Consultants and organizers. Selected teams should envision the organization’s new offices to design a private entity that meets the basic needs of the Greater Houston community. Four Finalist Teams (Alphabetically Ordered by Team Leader): Deborah Berke works with DAVID RUBIN Land Collective and Atelier Ten
    Kevin Dolly Architects with TLS, Productora and Transsolar Landscape Architecture Olson Kundig with Surfacedesign, Inc. Schaum / Shieh Architects with HKS Architecture and Andrea Kochran Landscape Architecture with Atelier Ten Quinn Architects Dolly Olson Kondig and … In June 2019 the competition was launched. The stage was so popular that 121 submissions were received from 354 firms. Charming Solo. The four teams selected will move on to their next approach, which should provide concept design maps for the project within 10 weeks. They had to create an inspiring and creative, 3,700-square-foot integrated building in their natural context, near downtown Houston, and compete with the modern structures of the area. This construction will include spaces for team and community partners such as workplaces, meeting spaces and attractive facilities. The winner is expected in November 2019 and the final project is due to open in May 2022. We had an inviting response to the invitations, and the special combination of project work, community participation, vision and the sights of many talented and creative teams nevertheless provided the final four groups with the strongest skills, knowledge and understanding of project goals. They showed

    Four teams designed for international design competition
  • Hospital building in China in 2019

    Hospital building in China in 2019

    The construction of the China-made Hospital Hospital in 2019 won the Best Medical Building Award. The design was constructed by the architects of GLA. This building is located on a coastal island called Tannery, located in the east of the jungle of Weihai
    It is located near the sea with an area of ​​about 8000 square meters. The hospital is a comprehensive health center with three main parts: the exhibition center in the center of the new East and the health centers

  • 100 Public Spaces: From a Tiny Square to an Urban Park

    100 Public Spaces: From a Tiny Square to an Urban Park

    The key to successfully designing or recovering public spaces is to achieve a series of ingredients that enhance their use as meeting places. Regardless of their scale, some important tips are: designing for people’s needs, the human scale, the mix of uses, multifunctionality and flexibility, comfort and safety, and a right integration to the urban fabric

    To give you some ideas on how to design urban furniture, bus stops, lookouts, bridges, playgrounds, squares, sports spaces, small parks and urban parks, check out these 100 notable public spaces

  • Who Has Won the Pritzker Prize?

    Who Has Won the Pritzker Prize?

    The Pritzker Prize is the most important award in the field of architecture, awarded to a living architect whose built work “has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity through the art of architecture.” The Prize rewards individuals, not entire offices, as took place in 2000 (when the jury selected Rem Koolhaas instead of his firm OMA) or in 2016 with Alejandro Aravena selected instead of Elemental however, the prize can also be awarded to multiple individuals working together, as took place in 2001 Herzog & de Meuron 2010 Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA and 2017 Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, and Ramon Vilalta of RCR Arquitectes
    The award is an initiative funded by Jay Pritzker through the Hyatt Foundation, an organization associated with the hotel company of the same name that Jay founded with his brother Donald in 1957.
    The award was first given in 1979, when the American architect Philip Johnson, was awarded for his iconic works such as the Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut
    The Pritzker Prize has been awarded for almost forty straight years without interruption, and there are now 18 countries with at least one winning architect. To date, half of the winners are European; while the Americas, Asia, and Oceania share the other twenty editions. So far, no African architect has been awarded, making it the only continent without a winner.

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