• Properties for Your Home Based on Your Birthday – Part Two

    Properties for Your Home Based on Your Birthday – Part Two

    Suitable decoration for those born in the Tower of Thor
    Born in Taurus, they are known for their elegance and beauty. The character of the Tower of Thor considers the May births to materialistic people who are fond of luxury. Born in May, people are steady people and are interested in trying new things. The symbol of the month of May is the birth of the bull.
    Art and nature are among the common interests of people born in Taurus. The decoration of their birth month is also chosen in detail and elegance.
    Old and original buildings with European architecture are of particular interest to those born in Taurus. In their home decoration and decoration, these people also pursue luxuries that are only compatible with their morale.
    Ordibeheshti’s interest in preserving its historical elegance has led to the use of a variety of luxury goods, antiques and old paintings in their home decoration.

    Suitable decoration for Gemini born
    The personality of the Gemini born people introduces them to people interested in learning new things. So they are people with extensive knowledge in different fields. Born in June, they are interested in group life and in solitude. The birth symbol of June is the birth of twins.
    Living in apartment complexes is more in line with the personality of the June born. Tall towers tempt them with a view of the city.
    Life for them is defined in modern decoration. Their restless nature is always searching for new things.
    June home decoration is a blend of modernity with nature. They enjoy nature in their home.
    Having a patio or a small greenhouse is a pleasure for those born in June.

    Suitable decoration for those born of cancer
    Born in July, they live in a restless tower. Rarely are July births found and residing somewhere. They are emotional and restless. The value and meaning of the family to them goes beyond what other people think of it. The symbol of the month of birth is the fourth month of the lobster year.
    But despite all these interpretations of the Cancer Tower personality, they believe they are looking for their home and will not leave it whenever they find it to suit their taste. For a homestead, it has the meaning of its own world.
    Gangsters love to help their friends and acquaintances in every way possible, a regular room or workshop is the dream of every Gangster at home.
    Marquee women decorate their kitchen to meet the needs of others in the kitchen.

    Suitable decoration for those born in Assad
    The main character of those born in the Tower of Assad is their leadership power. Mordadians, like lions, take care of their privacy and do not overlook it. They are not interested in money for money, but rather as money to provide comfort. The symbol of the month of birth is Mordad.
    Mordad’s self-driving may hurt others, but their personality has shown that Mordad is a kind and compassionate person.
    August decoration is the most comfortable home. They prefer large, comfortable furniture and are comfortable in the home.
    They treat their home like a castle of government. Their home is their territory, and a multitude rule this territory.
    The home has a multitude of simple and comfortable decorations, comfort being their first priority in choosing a place to live

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