• Properties for Your Home Based on Your Birthday – Part Two

    Properties for Your Home Based on Your Birthday – Part Two

    Suitable decoration for those born in the Tower of Thor
    Born in Taurus, they are known for their elegance and beauty. The character of the Tower of Thor considers the May births to materialistic people who are fond of luxury. Born in May, people are steady people and are interested in trying new things. The symbol of the month of May is the birth of the bull.
    Art and nature are among the common interests of people born in Taurus. The decoration of their birth month is also chosen in detail and elegance.
    Old and original buildings with European architecture are of particular interest to those born in Taurus. In their home decoration and decoration, these people also pursue luxuries that are only compatible with their morale.
    Ordibeheshti’s interest in preserving its historical elegance has led to the use of a variety of luxury goods, antiques and old paintings in their home decoration.

    Suitable decoration for Gemini born
    The personality of the Gemini born people introduces them to people interested in learning new things. So they are people with extensive knowledge in different fields. Born in June, they are interested in group life and in solitude. The birth symbol of June is the birth of twins.
    Living in apartment complexes is more in line with the personality of the June born. Tall towers tempt them with a view of the city.
    Life for them is defined in modern decoration. Their restless nature is always searching for new things.
    June home decoration is a blend of modernity with nature. They enjoy nature in their home.
    Having a patio or a small greenhouse is a pleasure for those born in June.

    Suitable decoration for those born of cancer
    Born in July, they live in a restless tower. Rarely are July births found and residing somewhere. They are emotional and restless. The value and meaning of the family to them goes beyond what other people think of it. The symbol of the month of birth is the fourth month of the lobster year.
    But despite all these interpretations of the Cancer Tower personality, they believe they are looking for their home and will not leave it whenever they find it to suit their taste. For a homestead, it has the meaning of its own world.
    Gangsters love to help their friends and acquaintances in every way possible, a regular room or workshop is the dream of every Gangster at home.
    Marquee women decorate their kitchen to meet the needs of others in the kitchen.

    Suitable decoration for those born in Assad
    The main character of those born in the Tower of Assad is their leadership power. Mordadians, like lions, take care of their privacy and do not overlook it. They are not interested in money for money, but rather as money to provide comfort. The symbol of the month of birth is Mordad.
    Mordad’s self-driving may hurt others, but their personality has shown that Mordad is a kind and compassionate person.
    August decoration is the most comfortable home. They prefer large, comfortable furniture and are comfortable in the home.
    They treat their home like a castle of government. Their home is their territory, and a multitude rule this territory.
    The home has a multitude of simple and comfortable decorations, comfort being their first priority in choosing a place to live

  • What are the benefits of a North or South home?

    What are the benefits of a North or South home?

    In metropolises, the construction of southern or northern homes is an advantage in lightening as many units as possible.
    Note that in metropolises, the more light-skinned the home, the more sensitive it is because of the congestion of buildings but not in small towns.
    Usually in small towns all the houses are light enough and it does not matter whether the house is north, south, east or west.
    Most people are looking for a northern or southern home and prefer not to choose an eastern or western home.
    The main reason for people not choosing either the Eastern or Western homes is that homes built as Oriental or Western homes can only use the sun for a limited time per day. This limited time is much shorter than the time the north or south house uses the sun.
    It must be clear to all of us that we hear from the older and older people that the North House is very good. Even when referring real estate consultants to buy a home, the unit claims to be in the north building.

    Some people’s insistence has two main aspects. One is that the north house has more light, especially in the kitchen and dining area during the day, and the second, which is very important and valuable, is the issue of residential home security.
    The north building has more commuter views than the courtyard and then the construction and the possibility of an anonymous person visiting the building is very low.
    In the south building, when the door is opened, no one enters the person, so the security of the building is slightly lowered.
    The northern building is far better than the southern house in terms of the light. Because they receive more light from the sun for a longer period at no cost.
    But you have to note that in the north building there are two types of units: the southern unit and the northern unit. The existing south unit of these buildings is located at the back of the building and does not receive any light and also has lower height windows. But the north unit of the building is built in front of the building, facing the courtyard and facing the sun, and has larger windows.
    Usually these buildings have northern units higher than the southern units. Note that the south building on both sides of the unit receives a great deal of light and has more beautiful sunlight in more areas of your home.
    In the south house units, large windows always work with excellent lighting, and this lightening of the units makes them much more expensive than the northern house.
    Usually the south building of each floor has a unit that receives light from the front and back of the building.

  • Are the types of houses in the metropolis northern or southern?

    Are the types of houses in the metropolis northern or southern?

    What are the types of houses in big cities?
    The house is usually divided into four types of northern, southern, western and eastern houses. Below we explain each of them:
    What does the northern house mean?
    The north house is the house that opens to the courtyard from the alley.
    The north end of the building also ends with a plaque adjacent to it.
    A northern building receives indirect light from the north, the light part of the building, and from the south, the courtyard of the building.

    The northern building has two types of northern and southern units.
    The northern units have a lot of daylight, but the southern units do not receive light, and even their windows are almost smaller than the northern ones.
    The north building usually has two units on each floor.
    What is meant by the southern house?
    The south house is the house that opens to the building’s entrance from the street into the building and the courtyard is located behind the building.
    In the south building, your property and unit have direct light from the north and south.
    The south building has a big advantage over the north building, which is that the south house has a higher occupancy level than the north house because of the need for additional skylights.
    There is also a lot more parking available in such a home than the North.
    Another point is the building map of these types of homes, which is much more pleasing and desirable, so they are more expensive in some areas of the south.
    Note that the windows in the south building units are larger and better shaped in the house, which absorbs more light.
    The building plan in the south building is usually designed to have only one unit per floor

  • What is the North and South Building Map?

    What is the North and South Building Map?

    What is the North and South Building Map?
    When you are looking to buy a home, you have a lot to consider. Maybe you also have questions about the building map when it comes to the northern or southern building? The northern house has its own advantages, and the southern house does. It depends on how you feel about home lighting. Of course, since lighting is usually the most important advantage of a home, this part is mentioned here.
    However, the amount of light is not the only difference between the north and south building designs. The north building differs from the south building in that we will describe these differences.
    The difference in lighting is the main difference between the northern and southern buildings
    Note that houses are of two types, either the north or the south. It is almost impossible to do otherwise. The north building is a building with a courtyard entrance and then you enter the hallway of the building. The south building is a building that you enter through the main door of the building and the yard is behind the building. In fact, the building is located first and then the yard is located behind the building. Suppose you enter an alley and stand to the north main direction, that is, in front of you to the north and behind you to the south. Under such circumstances, your hands are stretching along the street. In this case the houses that are facing you are called the North House, and the houses that are behind you are called the South House.
    As we all know, the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, so the amount of light in different units is definitely different.
    The light shining from the east in the morning has low thermal energy and its brightness is moderate. But the light shining from the west can be termed a light term for its use that causes fatigue and irritation to your eyes.
    As for the northbound light, it is the reflection of sunlight on other surfaces. It may be strange to you, but you should know that it is not possible to turn north into sunlight. For this reason, northern light is a reflective light. Therefore, its luminous effect is very high and the heat is quite balanced.
    It can be noted that for the sale of units of a building, if the building is the north, the northern units are higher than the southern unit. Because the northern unit uses more light in the northern building and the southern unit has very low light.
    In the south building all units are the same price

  • An example of a Western Oriental building plan and tips to consider

    An example of a Western Oriental building plan and tips to consider

    An example of a west-east building plan
    As mentioned earlier, the Western Oriental Building has its own advantages and disadvantages. The proper design of such buildings can emphasize its strengths and reduce its weaknesses. Designers usually try to incorporate the bedroom into the east and such as the kitchen and living room to the west.

    East West Plan Number One
    This plan shows a simple two bedroom apartment. The main orientation of this apartment is east west. As the standards suggest, the bedrooms have an east window and the living room and living room of the apartment have a western skylight.

    East West Plan Number Two
    The design of this plan is more modern and its interior more. As you can see, there is a terrace on the west side of the plan, which provides most of the light from the living room and kitchen. The apartment has a master bedroom and a smaller bedroom that are located on the other side of the plan and enjoy eastern light.
    If you notice that in both of the above plans there is at least one bedroom window in line with the living room window. This feature allows both windows to open, circulating well inside the apartment, and leaving the old air out of space.

    What to consider when choosing an East West home?
    Although most of the natural light has a southern window or the northern rooms are cooler in the summer, this does not completely deter western eastern homes.
    There are many things to consider when choosing a home, such as tranquility, neighbors, easy access to shopping malls, interior design and so on. If you have found a home you like but are worried about the harsh sunshine of the western window, you can install it above the sunroof. You may also be worried about more energy wastage in the east-west home; using double glazing will help alleviate this disadvantage.
    If you are building your own home and the ground conditions are such that only the east and west views give the building a try from the very beginning on the main windows of the seedlings, which after a few years will help both the beauty and freshness of the home. Face a natural filter against the sun.
    The east-west house has a good light in the early morning in the early morning and will be light by the evening until the west.
    In such houses, the bedrooms try to be located in the eastern part.
    The living room and dining room of the East West apartments are usually located on the west side. Because during the evening when families gather in the living room, it has more natural light.
    West western buildings are warmer and winters colder than the northern north buildings.
    The use of proper thermal insulation and double glazed glass will help reduce the heat loss of the western eastern apartments.
    Thicker curtains, artificial shades or natural shades of trees can be used to control the light coming through the western windows.

  • Properties for Your Home Based on Your Birthday – Part One

    Properties for Your Home Based on Your Birthday – Part One

    When looking for your favorite home, there are certain features to consider. Many of these features are pre-programmed in your mind and others are relevant to your needs at a particular time, but you should know that your birthmark will have a big impact on this. Your mental planning is based on the symbol of your birth month from your childhood and makes your choices.
    People who believe in astrology usually find the attributes associated with their birth symbol and categorize their tastes and choices accordingly.
    Astronomers believe that the location of the stars in the galaxy gives birth to an individual, affecting their individual characteristics, and this effect can make people born in similar months more similar.

    Suitable decoration for those born to carry a tower
    According to the personality of April Born, they are people who are distinguished from others by their inner and outer powers. Their confidence and inner peace have made them good warriors. The symbol of the month of April is the ram’s birth.
    The endless energy born in April makes life on a high hill very convenient for them.
    The personality of those born in the tower is called the energetic person. They do not go into detail about the home, such as the kitchen and the living room, but they care what their bedroom decoration is like.
    Born on the tower, most people like flat and staircase-free homes. Empty spaces are more attractive to those born in April than those with nested rooms.
    The brighter color choices are more evident in the Carnival Birthday decoration. They prefer white curtains and walls to have the power of choice for the rest

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