• What is phase zero architecture or study phase?

    What is phase zero architecture or study phase?

    In order to accomplish an architectural project, steps must be taken in order to complete the next step in the best way and without any defects before starting any of the stages of architectural design

    The main ones are formed

    These three phases should be arranged one after the other in order to implement standard architectural design. All three phases are necessary and necessary if one phase is not properly implemented. The proper architecture or mismatch between them will fail the entire project architectural set. The first phase is the Zero Architectural Phase, or architectural studies, in which land-based studies such as soil and geotechnics focus on identifying existing faults and the extent of earth’s strength and earthquake and the extent of the earth’s tolerance to build a building. The focus is on the basic terms and conditions for design and construction, all urban and civil studies in terms of urban criteria, etc., which, after conducting studies and research, and completing the zero phase of architecture, we reach the next phase

    The next stage of the architecture phase is the initial design of the architecture, which we will discuss in more detail later. Next, we will proceed to the phase two architecture and the preparation of architectural details and drawings. Design Zero Architecture Phase or Architectural Studies Zero Architecture Phases include architectural studies. In Zero Frame Architecture Knowledge of the area and items such as climate, area architecture requirements, rules and regulations, frameworks and standards, as well as careful consideration of soil engineering issues such as soil testing and so on are of great importance. For example, if we do not get good results in the study of the soil and geotechnical status of an area, even the feasibility of the architectural process is raised, or in many cities around the world, high-level constraints, plus traditional texture, are relevant to soil testing. The area is protected to a certain degree depending on the weakness or strength of the ground

    Phase zero architecture is the stage in which the desired information is acquired and the project identification and identification process is studied. In the zero phase of architecture, the project is examined in terms of technical and economic justification as well as the social justification of the architectural project. The information and understanding required in the zero phase of architecture is in many cases obtained through negotiations with the employer and being aware of the needs of the employer

  • temporary pavilions that reflect

    temporary pavilions that reflect

    The International Festival of Architecture and Design is being held in the city with temporary displays for the festival, which are trying out spaces in and out of the city of Lugoro and are a whole new way to see and experience the urban environment. Passage: Alfredo Bladder, decorates this chimney-shaped structure. The exhibition aims to change the character of the hosting space and invite viewers to grab a seat and enjoy the scenery. The structure is divided into four sections of wooden boards that come together to form accessories that allow visitors to sit. How the wood is cut causes it to be reused after the structure is down

  • Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

    Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

    The most famous buildings in the world have always been the source of inspiration for creativity. Tourists in the world are looking for the beauty of famous buildings and often visiting the famous building is one of the significant parts of foreign travel. By studying a building, we can learn a lot about how life and culture were created during the time it was built, looking a bit like a picture. But unlike a picture, buildings change after construction. They live alongside people, and as a community, design changes in thinking is the use of a building. Conventional wear and tear needs to be renovated, and changing community tastes have a particular impact on the design and function of a building. The construction of the Sabrida Familia in Barcelona is probably the most famous unfinished building in the world. The work was begun in the archipelago of Antoine Gaddae in 1882, after 137 years later, the temple has only been completed by only 70%. It has also recently been given an appropriate building permit and is expected It will end in 2026, even though it is still under construction, this gothic building is interesting

  • News and information about the death of the famous Chilean architect

    News and information about the death of the famous Chilean architect

    The renowned American Argentinian architect Cesar Pili is known for designing some of the world’s tallest buildings, such as the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Cristo de Tours in Madrid, and the Covanra Center building in Santiago, Chile, today, at the age of 92, according to Yuan Manzorel, governor of the province. Tokuman fought. He was born in Tokun and studied in the architecture of the National University of Tucumán. He then married, and later emigrated to the United States, received his master’s degree from the University of Illinois at the Urbana School of Architecture. He recognized Professor Piline’s vision for the work of erythrocynan , In which significant projects such as the Global Air Tran Terminal
    At John F. F. University Kennedy and Ashmore Studley and Samuel Morse colleges renovated by Kiran Timberlake at Yale University. This is a preliminary plan for an architect who is interested in mysticism, materiality, and formal expressions, Pro has proven to be the design director then at Daniel, Mann, Johnson Mendenhoel in Los Angeles, where his design for the sunshine of the urban park The core of the mountain hill, like the Ziggurat, emerged from the ground, highlighting advanced designs for steel and glass in prominent projects in India. In 1995, the Billie Award was awarded by the American Institute of Architects with the honor of the Best Architect’s Gold Medal Award. The Consex de Brillant Prize, the Connex Foundation received the Life and Work Award in the past decades as the most important person in the visual arts. Cities “Our most important responsibility is to create a building in its place, a constant goal of architecture for all ages. Technological and cultural changes have been undermined by this relationship, and it is the responsibility of each of us to consider it in our work. “The common theme of polysactivity is the sensitivity to the environment and the environment

  • Creating a grass for the National Museum of the building

    Creating a grass for the National Museum of the building

    he LAB at Rockwell Group has partnered with The National Building Museum to present the 2019 Summer Block Party installation LAWN. Designed to be an immersive installation taking up the entirety of the Museum’s Great Hall, the project presents a series of interactive experiences for all ages.The lawn itself is programmed with summer entertainment and activities, including movie nights, yoga, and meditation. By creating custom software, the LAB also developed an It allows guests to come up with exciting summer activities while communicating with museum design. It has a large green space that is built on an upper building. Visitors are greeted with a wide range of green spaces, adjoining a beautiful slope with beautiful clusters. The center of these logistical areas is an interactive hammock that has grown from its 100-walled grid. Hamaah contains covert speakers of pre-recorded audio programs from prominent American storylists who share summer memories. At the top of the lawn, the towers of the terrace reach the height of the third floor of the museum, exhibitions without the previous view of the big hall,column pillars and hermetic buses that cover the cover.Augmented Reality game alongside the installation

  • International Design Concert Hall Concert in Astra Province

    International Design Concert Hall Concert in Astra Province

    An international competition for the design of a concert hall was held in Ostro Czech Republic. The jury consists of seven people. The new 1300-seat concert hall is located next to the existing cultural congress and is designed as a complete audio tool. The newly designed newly designed Acoustic Collaboration provides a functional space for the system. Jorn Orchestra is a contemporary orchestra in the country. The design of urban traffic noise is by placing the main hall near a park behind the building, while the new entrance to the building is up the center of the building. This kind of architectural style has created a dramatic action between old and new style and a cultural city for the city. The tool contains a polished surface in the middle plan, made of concrete and maple leaves. Acoustic wall panels consist of three different types:sound, counting and summing

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