A Pop of Color on Public Spaces

If a painting can affect the feelings of the viewers with just one observation, imagine a facade of the building’s roof in the city, with beautiful paintings and the art of independent artists in Baltimore that enhance people’s lives through art by adding acting Visually they have come to the public spaces to showcase what’s going to be in the city. Since 2012 they have been working on sculptures and large-scale large-scale paintings. Decadence around the corners of the building and throwing colors on Creating a beautiful look on the floor. Artist using a combination of colors The vibrant pattern of nature in the context of moving themes and symmetry is examined
Look at some lively paintings created by Jesse and Katie that transform the public spaces into colorful experiences. This piece is made for Knoxville, Tennessee. The design we created for the staircase was constructed from woven curtains created during the crafts movement. The movement throughout Knoxville and most of Appalachia took place during the 1890s-1945s.

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