An example of a Western Oriental building plan and tips to consider

An example of a west-east building plan
As mentioned earlier, the Western Oriental Building has its own advantages and disadvantages. The proper design of such buildings can emphasize its strengths and reduce its weaknesses. Designers usually try to incorporate the bedroom into the east and such as the kitchen and living room to the west.

East West Plan Number One
This plan shows a simple two bedroom apartment. The main orientation of this apartment is east west. As the standards suggest, the bedrooms have an east window and the living room and living room of the apartment have a western skylight.

East West Plan Number Two
The design of this plan is more modern and its interior more. As you can see, there is a terrace on the west side of the plan, which provides most of the light from the living room and kitchen. The apartment has a master bedroom and a smaller bedroom that are located on the other side of the plan and enjoy eastern light.
If you notice that in both of the above plans there is at least one bedroom window in line with the living room window. This feature allows both windows to open, circulating well inside the apartment, and leaving the old air out of space.

What to consider when choosing an East West home?
Although most of the natural light has a southern window or the northern rooms are cooler in the summer, this does not completely deter western eastern homes.
There are many things to consider when choosing a home, such as tranquility, neighbors, easy access to shopping malls, interior design and so on. If you have found a home you like but are worried about the harsh sunshine of the western window, you can install it above the sunroof. You may also be worried about more energy wastage in the east-west home; using double glazing will help alleviate this disadvantage.
If you are building your own home and the ground conditions are such that only the east and west views give the building a try from the very beginning on the main windows of the seedlings, which after a few years will help both the beauty and freshness of the home. Face a natural filter against the sun.
The east-west house has a good light in the early morning in the early morning and will be light by the evening until the west.
In such houses, the bedrooms try to be located in the eastern part.
The living room and dining room of the East West apartments are usually located on the west side. Because during the evening when families gather in the living room, it has more natural light.
West western buildings are warmer and winters colder than the northern north buildings.
The use of proper thermal insulation and double glazed glass will help reduce the heat loss of the western eastern apartments.
Thicker curtains, artificial shades or natural shades of trees can be used to control the light coming through the western windows.

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