Factors Influencing Mortality of Construction Workers – Part I

The construction industry is a growing industry in different countries and every year special arrangements are made for its growth and development. One of the issues that has always been of concern to officials and activists in this field is the safety of workers and the prevention of potential dangers. Thousands of workers die every year from construction accidents around the world, but these accidents do not just happen due to non-compliance with safety considerations, and other factors play a part in the following.
Although fatigue is not listed as a risk factor in construction, it is a factor that affects many events. Construction work is very laborious and often takes a long time in harsh climates. When a worker is tired physically or mentally, his or her attention and attention goes down, and he or she may get tired of doing the job properly and make mistakes. In construction, the slightest error results in irreparable damage, so fatigue can be considered a reason for not doing the right physical and mental activities.
Working at height
Working at height is one of the most important causes of death or physical handicap in construction projects. According to statistics, about 2 percent of workers between the ages of two and three have died because of falling from altitude. Factors that lead to the accident include:
Lack of protection and protected openings
Existence of unprotected edges
Unsafe ladders or scaffolding
Loose tools or equipment that are not well positioned on roofs or traffic lanes
Movable objects
Various activities are carried out at the project site, materials are shipped to high altitudes or thrown from the ground, so if these are not properly managed and safety issues are not addressed, any objects will fall. It can be an accident. There are a number of reasons that cause injury to a worker by moving objects:
Crowded and disturbed places where safety concerns are not met
No warning lights or horns on moving vehicles
Low light places
Working closely with moving machines and tools
Dealing with mobile devices such as boxes, machines, etc.
No warning signs in traffic areas
Reportedly, 5 of the 6 to 6 deafness problems in the UK relate to the work environment of active construction workers. Of these, 5 were women and 3 were men. The places where construction projects are carried out may become dangerous if noise levels exceed the permitted level and cause hearing problems. The problem is that because of the varying noise levels, workers often do not use ear protection. However, sometimes the use of ear protectors can lead to an accident. For example, the worker may not hear the siren alarm and not leave the scene on time.

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