Lightweight concrete slabs with Ubot roof system

Today, the use of high quality building materials is particularly important in construction. Due to natural disasters, construction engineers are always looking to use materials that protect the building against earthquakes and other disasters, materials that do not put extra burden on the building and reduce the damage caused by the lightweight construction. Today, different roof systems are used to lighten the structure, including the Ubut roof system.
U-Boot Ceiling System
The U-Boot System is a type of recycled polypropylene polymer structure that is used as a hollow slab for construction. This type of system is used to lighten concrete slabs and slabs in the building.
Ubot molds cause cavities in the concrete and remove inefficient concrete. These molds do not have a structural role and their main purpose is to use them in concrete slabs to remove excess concrete and create hollow holes in the slabs. The Ubot Ceiling System is a hollow or hollow concrete slab system designed in the form of two-way cube molds. In this system, bulking is done by placing the Ubot templates between the slabs. By placing these molds into the concrete slab, the strength and hardness of the slab are increased and the possibility of covering larger openings due to slab thickness and hardness is provided.
Ubot components have cubic geometrical dimensions that are used according to design calculations and project requirements. In the process of executing hollow slabs after the bottom layer reinforcement, the Ubots are placed together on the bottom reinforcement network, and after the middle shear reinforcement and upper layer reinforcement are laid, concrete operations are carried out. At the end of the slab, I-shaped, which enhances its performance. Ubot templates are doubly applicable for taller openings.

Lightweight concrete slabs with Ubot roof system

The Benefits of Using a Ubot Roof in a Building
One of the benefits of using Ubot molds is saving on raw materials such as steel and concrete in construction. When Ubot templates dip into concrete, an integrated grid is created at the top and bottom of the project, which saves materials.
Ubot structures are lightweight and very easy to install. For this reason, Ubot and concrete blends are used to create high weight bearing surfaces without the need for multiple columns. Thus, the Ubot roof system reduces the number of columns in the building and contributes to the flexibility of the structure.
Using this roof system can increase the number of floors in a building.
The Ubot ceiling is anti-flammable and acts as a thermal insulator that prevents the transfer of fire and damage to buildings.
In addition to thermal insulation, these ceilings are also a type of acoustic insulation, which transmit less sound.
The Ubot roof reduces the weight of the structure, so no deep foundation is needed. Costs are also reduced by reducing the depth of foundation.
The use of Ubot roofs reduces the load on columns and foundations of the building, thereby increasing the earthquake resistance and reducing the effects of earthquake force.
This roof system saves on concrete and steel consumption compared to traditional heavy slabs, allowing for wider openings in the structure. In addition, the use of these types of ceilings significantly reduces water consumption.
Due to the high speed of implementation of the Ubot system, the construction time is shorter.
This type of roof is applicable to foundations and floors of various types of buildings including office, commercial, residential, industrial, public and…

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