North or South buildings – Conclusion

As we said above, when buying a residential unit, first look at the building plan then the units in the building.
Of course, do not let this precision make you obsessive in your choice.
If the building you selected had the benefits of cooling heating and good business, you could give Atta a break and buy the unit.
There are many factors to consider when buying a home. This article refers to the building map.
Buildings are usually either south or north. Of course, there are also North-South, East and West.
The north building is a building that enters the yard when it enters and then the building is placed behind the yard.
These types of buildings usually have two units per floor.
The most important factors to consider in a home are security and the amount of light received. These types of buildings have light from the kitchen and reception area for most of the day.
Another type of building is the South Building. The south building is called the building that originally housed the building
And behind the yard. These buildings are very beautiful and efficient in terms of building map.
There are more parking spaces in this type of building than the north building.
The south house receives sunlight from both the back and front of the house and is priced higher.
As we explained before, the issue of skylights is important only in metropolitan areas because the building density is very high and the houses are located next to each other, each receiving different light. But in small towns where building congestion is less, the light is distributed almost equally to all homes and receives the same light.
Houses in the south building have large windows with a high percentage of light. Now this case in the northern houses only includes units known as the northern unit

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