He won the competition to design a new international  financial center in Shenzhen, China. The company is called Interface, the project is a combination of large conference rooms with a 400-room hall and public programs. IFEC located on the coastline of Qianhai, a new region in the Delta River of Pearl River, has been designed to create a boat lantern for sailing along the 21st Century Marine Marine Design Conference to host an international conference and international exchange center from the 7 International Selector Architectural Companies Has been. Its design team is run by Chris Wen along with the designer of the Cologne Huang project. As the team announces, the series acts as a connector between the main public transportation center of Qianhai and the waterfall park, which links various sections of ionization through a common public and cultural program. The design consists of three separate sessions: a low-level conference center with terraces exposed to the park. The hotel is located at the top of the conference center, is a three-dimensional polydroxy and the third volume includes hotel facilities and public areas. It is located in the commercial center. TA large urban atrium brings the public domain to the heart of the complex, with a foyer for both the conference center and the hotel. The urban atrium can be separately programmed for cultural events, strengthening the relationship between the professional domain and public life in Qianhai. IFEC will be the fourth OMA building currently developed in Shenzhen. The competition entry was a collaboration between OMA and CCDI

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