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Architecture is a thoughtful industry that is influenced by innovations and technology.Virtual reality,3D print and FDD can be impressive on the industry. Imagine a virtual world where you can view and experience through it; virtual reality is currently undergoing significant developments in the engineering and construction industry. By joining the AI-based technologies, some of the hottest architectural trends focus on further developments in VR , prototyping, and parametric design. The rise of the popularity of cloud computing, the BIM (Modeling Structural Information ) Has turned into reality, architects, engineers and construction professionals to provide a tool for more efficiency in design and development. Management is building infrastructure.
Is she archist? Simply put, the prototype covers and converts them into computer reality. Since virtual reality devices are embedded, the advantages of VR in architecture are beyond the ordinary. For example, Fizor is a kind of software program that Converting conceptual design and converting it into reality. This tool is ideal for architects because it speeds up the design of VR. This software enables users to develop and improve their prototype. Also, provide a better customer presentation
One of the biggest advantages of VR is to help improve communication between designers and customers and can also be used to track irregularities and defects when modeling in 3D. With increasing popularity in 3D and FDD printing , It is estimated that two technologies will soon revolutionize future structures

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