Take the safety of your building seriously to prevent accidents at home

Many of the buildings in which we live today lack security and safety; as a result, many people are constantly experiencing insecurity at home. Building safety has always been an important part of construction, and using the best equipment and the highest level of knowledge in the field can save the lives of thousands and even millions. Incidents that can endanger the safety of the building and our family members are not the only unexpected events such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc.; in fact, failure to comply with building safety principles can endanger the lives of any occupants .
Now you might be asked what are the key things to keep safe at home? Is there a way to increase the safety of your building and your living space? What are the safety factors in a building? And many similar questions. In this article we seek to answer the above questions.
Building Safety Assessment

To answer these questions, we first need to evaluate the safety of the building. These evaluations are based on a variety of factors, such as structural strength assessment, fire protection system evaluation, systems such as elevators, automatic doors, stairs and so on.

Currently, there is a set of standards that can help to some extent ensure building safety. In fact, the safety of buildings is divided into three categories: high risk, low risk and intermediate risk. The assessment for building safety is based on international standards and therefore high-risk buildings should be inspected annually, at least once every 10 years, and once every 3 years.
Building safety assessment can be done by the fire department. In addition, experts and engineers can be consulted to find out the strength of the building and its safety principles. One of the issues to consider for building safety against unexpected events is, for example, earthquakes, the building’s distance from faults, and for storms and floods, its distance from sea level.

Earthquake safety

Earthquake is one of the unexpected events that threaten our country every day and endanger millions of lives. As a result, maintaining the safety and soundness of buildings is of great importance. Construction techniques can have a huge impact on earthquake mortality and mortality.

The most dangerous structures from earthquake point of view are buildings made of brick block or cordless block. This type of construction has walls made of brick overlaid with mortar. In these structures, the roof weight is transferred directly to the base through the walls. When this type of construction is affected by the force of the earthquake, walls and ceilings will fall.

ایمنی ساختمان

Fire prevention

Another incident that could threaten the safety of our building and our living space is the fire. In order to prevent a fire in the building, it is necessary to make a point.
Power problem:
One of the building safety principles is the power cables. Many older buildings have damaged or damaged electrical or wiring systems. Get expert help with checking and building electrical systems.
Do not use a power outlet to connect multiple home appliances (by a tee). For example, the refrigerator should be connected directly to a separate outlet. Problems with the operation of a home appliance can indicate a serious problem with the building’s electrical system.

Kitchen Safety Tips:
Do not place the pot or pan on light gas when you are about to leave the house. Microwaves, like gas, have a fire hazard and should not be turned on without being at home. Place the lid on the stove so that the child does not have access. If the handles are plastic, make sure it does not fit on the adjacent flame.
Installation of fire alarm system:
One of the simplest, yet safest, measures to be taken to increase building safety is to install a fire alarm in each room and hallway. The system is sensitive to smoke and alerts quickly when a fire occurs. This system should be replaced every 10 years, remember the date of replacement when installing the system.

Fire extinguisher:
Fire extinguisher capsules can be considered as one of the most important principles in building safety and preventing major fires. Make a fire extinguisher and place it where all family members are aware. Also teach your children how to use this capsule. If you want to put the capsule in your kitchen, it is best to be about a meter away from the stove. It is recommended to have at least one fire extinguisher in your home, work and personal car.

The safety of a building can substantially provide us with peace of mind. Therefore, compliance with building safety principles must first be closely observed and monitored by contractors and supervisors. But the role of the individual in the home environment is also very important and can be a source of health for the family.

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