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One of the factors that affects the type of design of buildings is the limited energy resources and the need to save on its consumption; This makes the design of buildings optimal and appropriate from the point of view of energy consumption. For this purpose, proper orientation of the building with the aim of reducing heat and cold loads and preventing energy loss is of particular importance.
The layout of the east-west building in some respects has limitations related to how the building is located in its geographical location. The plan of the east-west building requires some artificial factors and angles that can better provide the relative well-being of the residents.
It can be said that the general orientation of the building depends on things like the natural state of the earth, the need for private spaces, control and reduction of sound, as well as the two factors of wind and sunlight. On the other hand, the architects are trying to design the plan of the east-west building so that they can make the most of the sunlight. Because sunlight, in addition to providing light, has an undeniable effect on the level of vitality and mental health of the occupants of a building.
But architecture in large cities with dense residential fabric creates other limitations. A land may be blocked in three ways by adjoining buildings and necessarily have a view only in one geographical direction. Another is when the alley or street runs north to south; In this case, the plan and layout of the buildings will be east-west.
When the designer’s hand is not open to choose the geographical direction of the building, he must emphasize the strengths of the building by observing a series of standards and minimize the weaknesses as much as possible.

How to identify the eastern house of the West?
To determine if a house is east-west, you must use tools and methods that determine the four main geographic directions, such as poles.
But some cities have a natural and visible symbol or landscape that you can easily find the rest of the directions by knowing its geographical direction. For example, in the city of Tehran, the Alborz mountain range is located in the northern part of the city. If the weather is clear, these mountains are visible from all over the city.
So if you are in Tehran and you are standing towards the Alborz mountains, your right hand will point to the east and your left hand will point to the west. Of course, this method only works when the density and height of the buildings allow you to see the mountains.
Now imagine standing in an alley facing north to south. In this case, the buildings on your right are east and the buildings on your left are west. Usually, the entrance to the western buildings opens to the courtyard, and after passing through it, you reach the main building. While for the eastern buildings, the yard is located in the back.
But there are times when apartments are housed inside a building or complex in such a way that some are considered east-west houses and others have a north-south view. In this case, the east-west plan has some advantages and disadvantages compared to the north-south map, which are described below.

What are the benefits of a east-west building plan?
Whether the entire plan is the east-west building or only some of its apartments have an east-west view, the residents of those units enjoy the following benefits:
The western part of the house has a bright and long sun in the evening. For this reason, the living room of these houses is usually placed in the western part so that everyone in the house can make the most of the natural light.
In the east-west house, the bedrooms are usually located on the east side. In this case, the rooms will be bright and lively from the first hours of sunrise. Waking up in a bright room is much easier than when the room is semi-dark until the middle of the day.
If the prevailing wind is from the west to the east or vice versa, the air movement will be done quickly and easily by opening the east and west windows of the building. This is especially important in the mornings and at home.
Western light, while not warm to southern light, is very bright. For this reason, keeping natural and living plants in Western rooms and balconies provides the necessary light for their growth.

What are the disadvantages of an East-West home?
In addition to their benefits, East-West homes also have disadvantages that prevent some people from living in such homes. Some of these disadvantages are as follows:
If you are one of those people who does not have a good time with waking up, the first rays of the sun that enter the room early in the morning may disturb you. Of course, using a thick curtain solves this problem.
The western light, which enters the house from the western window in the evening and until sunset, is sometimes very bright and focused. As far as possible, it may irritate some people. In this case, it is recommended to use curtains that filter part of the light.
The eastern and western walls become warmer in summer and colder in winter than the southern, southeastern and southwestern walls. For this reason, creating a pleasant temperature inside such buildings will be more expensive.
If the prevailing wind direction is east or west or vice versa, the facades of the eastern and western buildings will be more damaged by wind and rain.

An example of a plan for an east-west building
As mentioned earlier, the east-west building has its own advantages and disadvantages. Proper design of such buildings can emphasize its strengths and downplay its weaknesses. Designers usually try to include the bedroom in the east in such plans, and spaces such as

The east-west house has good light in the east in the early hours of the morning, and the west will be bright from evening to evening.
In such houses, bedrooms are tried to be located in the eastern part.
The living room and reception of East-West apartments are usually located in the west. Because when the family gathers in the living room in the evening, there is more natural light.
Eastern buildings will be warmer in summer than in north-south buildings in summer and colder in winter.
The use of suitable thermal insulation and double-glazed windows will help reduce the heat loss of East-West apartments.
Thicker curtains, artificial shades or natural shades of trees can be used to control the light coming in from western windows.

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