Application of ICP prefabricated roof panels

Today, because of the safety of buildings against natural disasters such as earthquakes, engineers and builders try to use lightweight structures in construction. The use of prefabricated lightweight roofs is one of the ways to reduce the load on the structure in such a way that it minimizes the damage to the earthquake and financial damage. The LCP composite roof is one of the prefabricated roofs used today in the construction industry.

The LCP compound roof stands for Light Composite Panel, which is used as a new roof in the construction industry. The LCP roof is a type of prefabricated roof that is fully manufactured at the plant and then transported to the project site. The main materials used in this roof are concrete and steel, which perform well in bearing loads on the roof.

LCP panels are manufactured in the factory under high technical supervision and quality control. These panels are manufactured as lightweight prefabricated panels and, after being transported to the project site by mechanical and welding joints, are attached to the main or sub-structural beams. With the LCP lightweight composite roof, the rebar usage in the building is reduced and the weight of steel used in beams and columns is reduced. This roof reduces about 2% of the volume of reinforced concrete and foundation because of the reduced weight of the skeleton and the foundation dimensions.

The use of concrete foam in the middle part of the composite roof increases its resistance to fire and turns it into a type of thermal insulation that no longer requires the use of other insulators. In addition to thermal insulation, composite ceilings are also acoustic insulation. The flexural, compressive and shear strength of these roofs eliminates vibration and vibration of the roof and has a better seismic recovery than other roofs.

LCP panels do not cause debris from roof damage during natural disasters such as earthquakes and reduce financial and damage to the roof. There is no need for favorable atmospheric conditions for the installation of LCP panels as they are manufactured in the factory and can be attached to roof beams in any weather condition.

The LCP roof is lighter in weight than other roof systems such as steel deck roof and block joists. This type of roof reduces the cost of construction by reducing steel sections and columns, as well as speeding up and installing it as a high quality prefabricated roof. The price of this type of roof is more expensive than other roofs, but can sometimes be cheaper due to reduced steel consumption. The composite roof panels are manufactured according to the plans and openings required and transported to the project site by heavy machinery. These prefabricated parts are then inserted into the crater and connected to each other and to the structure.

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