Performing Urban Design Studies and Initiation Phase of Urban Design Projects

  • Study and research on issues related to urban planning and urban design.
  • Identifying and studying the current challenges of urban construction and development
  • Review rules of regulations, guidelines and approvals and laws related to urban planning for submission to relevant authorities.
  • Carry out studies and providing comprehensive, land use, detailed plans and etc. requirements for urban planning
  • Carry out studies on social impact assessment of urban projects.
  • Designing urban databases, collecting and maintaining information about them
  • Research on the principles of urban and rural planning and their development and evolution, how to prepare and implement urban and rural development plans and programs.
  • Investigating and studying the current urban network with the aim of identifying its shortcomings and deficiencies and using the results obtained in the optimal design of the urban network.
  • Perform research on the establishment of a geographic system and land-use plans on a national and regional scale.
  • Study and research in the field of urban regeneration and rehabilitation of urban and rural tissues
  • Study and research in order to achieve the appropriate rules and guidelines for the optimal use of Iranian cultural criteria and criteria in urban and rural design.
  • Study and research on new technologies in urban design and revitalization of texture and provide practical solutions for its implementation using commonly used technologies and practices.

Performing Architectural Studies and Performing initial Phase Design of Architectural Projects

The project studies are based on the goals set out in the master plan or related planning in the development plans as follows:

  • Understanding goals and space history.
  • Review and recognition of the region.
  • Examining and analyzing successful case studies.
  • Review the design terms.
  • Determine the goals and stages of development.
  • The proposed spatial structure.
  • Provide a physical program.


Carrying out initial Phase Studies and Design of Localized, Thematic, Collaborative and Investment Projects

  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Economic Studies.
  • Exploratory Studies.

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