Krasnodar stadium

Krasnodar Estadio Location: Krasnodar, Russia
Architectural company: gmp architekten
The founders of the company: Meinhard Von, Volkwin Marg
Year of construction: 2018 In the postcard of the 2018 World Cup, there were a lot of architectural projects, one of which was the Krasnodar stadium project. The architects of the project, Von Gerkan, Marg and their colleagues, developed a general and even detailed design of the project in terms of a city project and, during the construction, retained this vision. The result of this project is an ultra-high-quality sports stadium in accordance with UEFA guidelines. It creates a unique experience for spectators.
In contrast to the exterior of the project, taken from the medieval amphitheater, the interior space is considered to be the most modern of the world’s stadiums, and the 360-degree display screen offers a new opportunity for media display.

Krasnodar stadium
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