7 of Iran’s tallest towers

Until two or three decades ago, less than ten or twelve floors were built, and any building that was taller was a tall tower and a skyscraper. But in the last two decades, with the advent of construction technology and modern materials and methods, we have been able to design and build more high-rise structures and witness high-rise buildings in most major cities in the country. Of course, Iran’s tallest towers are currently located in metropolises.
Sensitive standards and standards must be adhered to in order for high-rise structures to be constructed securely. Investigations have been started on the type of soil where the maximum weight that it can withstand is established, as well as studying the faults and their hazards. The intensity and direction of the wind are also calculated especially at the highest point of the tower.

On the other hand, as a commercial or residential tower generates a high population influx, access to the land on which the tower is to be built should also be considered. Each of these and other important issues affects the design, implementation and even the possibility of building a tower on the site in question.
Unfortunately, in recent years, many commercial and residential towers have been built in large cities that have not met many standards and have turned them into a dangerous time bomb for earthquakes and fires. These buildings have also disrupted the texture of the area and even created access barriers for other residents.
However, we can find tall structures in Iran that are better positioned and more principled. Below we introduce you to Iran’s tallest towers.

Milad Tower
Tehran Milad Tower is 435 meters high and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world and one of the tallest Iranian towers built on a 62-hectare land. Milad is located in the northwest of Tehran and is accessible in three ways: Sheikh Fazlullah Nouri Highway, Hakim Highway and Hemmat Highway.
Milad Tower, one of the tallest towers in Iran and in the world, has become one of the symbols of the Iranian capital as well as an important center for cultural and leisure events, making it a major tourist attraction. Of course, one of the main uses of this tower, like other high-rise structures in Iran and the world, is to meet Tehran’s telecommunications and television needs.
The tower has an international convention center with 15 different venues, an open and closed viewing platform, a variety of restaurants, exhibition spaces, the Iranian Museum of Fame, Sky Dome, Dolphins Park, two movie theaters, etc. which make it a low-key center in the field of amusement and entertainment. It has become prosperous in Iran.
One of the highlights of Milad’s tower design is the crown part, whose exterior is in harmony with traditional Iranian architecture and its engravings.
Milad Tower construction began after several years of research in the month of January 76, and after 11 years of operation in October 87 was completed.
Uses of the Milad Tower include:
Meteorological and traffic control applications
Creating and expanding access to wireless network
Creating a tourist attraction

Tehran International Tower
It is the tallest residential building and one of Iran’s tallest towers, 162 meters high and built on 56 floors. The Tehran International Tower, designed with three wings and 220,000 square meters of infrastructure. This towering giant comprises 572 residential units, including triplex penthouses.
Located between the Wise West, Kurdistan and Sheikh Bahai highways, the tower is within easy reach of any part of the city.
The Tehran International Tower is designed and built according to modern standards and standards. Its designers and builders claim the building can withstand earthquakes measuring up to ten. Therefore, this huge building is Iran’s most earthquake-resistant residential tower.
Each wing of the tower presents a different perspective of Tehran. Residents of the units have services such as energy management, internal computer network, CCTV, fire extinguisher, central TV antenna and elevator traffic control system.
On the ground floor of the tower there are 17 commercial units that serve the welfare and comfort of its inhabitants. There are two dedicated tennis courts and full sports facilities. There are also thousands of indoor parking with concrete skeleton and retaining walls for the residents of the tower.
Although high-rise construction in Iran has grown significantly in recent years, it remains one of the tallest towers in the country.

7 of Iran's tallest towers

Tabriz World Trade Center
The building is 37 stories high and 157 meters high and was built in Valiasr town of Tabriz. This structure, which is one of the tallest towers in Iran, has a number of features and new features that we refer to in some respects:
The first building is the Free Plan.
The tallest commercial-service-tourism tower in the country.
It is the first building in the country to be executed with a special ceramic paneled facade.
Iran’s first high tower is equipped with earthquake-absorbing viscous dampers.
It is the first tower built in the country with built-in R-PC technology.

The Tabriz World Trade Center has three entrances, including the western entrance to Shariati Street next to Yas Park, the eastern entrance to Parvin Etesami Square to Safa Street and the southern entrance to Lida Street. The tower has 1,500 indoor parking units and many open parking spaces so that visitors do not get into trouble.
The Tabriz World Trade Center tower has offices besides telecommunications, bank branches, offices of domestic and international companies, conference hall, turntable and more. The center opened in May 2006 and provides services to visitors.

Middle East Swan Diamond Tower
This controversial modern project was built in Motel Qu in Mazandaran Province and is in many ways outstanding. The complex has three towers, two of which are commercial-residential and the third tower is a luxurious 38-story hotel 150 meters high. Each of the residential towers is 21 storeys.
The project was built with the financial support of Ahad Azimzadeh and has received international support from companies at every stage – from the preliminary studies to the final and final stages. For example, the lighting of the towers was done by the French company SSF.
The Middle East Swan Diamond Project is a brilliant example of the science and art of modern architecture in the country that can compete internationally with similar projects.

PAGE Commercial Complex in Mashhad
The Paget Business Complex is also a classy city that fits in very well. The complex has about 130,000 square meters of infrastructure and is operational in five blocks and is one of the tallest towers in Iran. These blocks range from 6 to 25 floors and include many different uses.
The business-administrative center of Paj is located at the beginning of Mashhad Boulevard in Mashhad and has good accessibility. The complex’s parking lot has a capacity of more than 750 vehicles, which can meet the needs of the customers.
The Paget Business Complex includes office space, department stores, several restaurants, movie theaters, book cafes, banks, games and sports spaces, etc. that keep people satisfied with a variety of needs without having to leave the complex.

Tehran White Tower
The tower, which was opened in the Tehran Revolutionary Guards in 1379, was highly regarded in its time and is one of the tallest towers in Iran. The White Tower is 22 stories high and 134 meters high and houses Iran’s first spinning restaurant.
The tower has office units and of course a luxurious hotel. The hotel’s rooms are comfortably located in the location where they are located and, after nearly two decades, they continue to retain their popularity among companies and travelers and even have long-standing customers.

7 of Iran's tallest towers

Tower of Heaven in Ormanyeh
When the 37-storey tower was built in Tehran’s Fermanah area, it was named the tallest residential building in Iran. Today, with a height of 120 meters, after the Tehran International Tower, it occupies the second position in this table and is one of the tallest towers in Iran. Sky Tower has a total of 104 residential, commercial and office units. The headquarters of the Iranian Ship Organization is also located in the tower.

In recent decades we have seen growth in the construction and implementation of high-rise buildings and towers in the country. A major factor in this growth has been the advancement of architectural science and technology, as well as the need to create more space by upgrading buildings.
Most of these towers have commercial-recreational uses and a few are built solely for residential use.
Most of the tall buildings in the country are located in big cities like Tehran, Mashhad and Tabriz.

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