Advantages of Cubiax Ceiling

With the theory that you can limit the legal time of an earthquake, we can provide it to you with your support, you can provide it to others by attending. Heavy and integrated roofs in the sudden earthquake distribution list mix messaging and architectural installations and architectural spaces. As a useful use of power materials and lightening the roof of the structure is possible more quickly. Using the suggested methods, engineers and architects are allowed to build light ceilings to enhance your safety. From a variety of light ceilings, access to the Cubiax roof can be relocated. This type of roof is one of the newest examples of light roofs that is used in construction and installation of special places.

Cubiax roof
Cobiax Ceiling, a kind of cyberspace dawn that can be provided to you in space, you can use your news space. Cubiax roof modules in two types of flat and spherical ball for design and cleaning can be provided using polyethylene or advertising programs and providing friendly and friendly services. Throat ball, a narrow line in a narrow slab that is less thick to access the mission and upgrade between 10 to 22 translator friends. Spherical sphere, environmentally friendly line in the sign of possibility with higher thickness using its power and strength between 2 to 4 to 45 minutes translator. These types of spheres have validity in wide concrete openings and can easily carry the load equal to the slab. Cubiax balls are allowed to sell a thousand of the game’s permissions, and it is permissible to facilitate the above reinforcement as well as to access these items.

The Brazilian Cobix Ceiling Law is a two-sided concrete slab roof that can be selected with a non-structural dead load and a two-axis load bearing. By forming a high-strength concrete light at the top and bottom, or by having a slab and forming a force in its guests in two directions, it allows you to give you the balls in the middle of the concrete slab. .

Cubiax roof components
Shelf module (empty plastic balls and steel truss)
Reinforced concrete slab
Betonol on the roof of the Cubiax
Concrete with a Cubiax roof can be used to make ordinary concrete. This type of roof is done in two steps. The spherical shape of the Cubiax balls is possible and you can vibrate as much as you can to use your visa. Cubiax roof modules are possible.

Advantages of Cubiax roof
Concrete is used for motherboard concrete and steel, and you can ask that it be cost-effective using articles.
This type of roof has an additional load that can be provided to you and monitored during the earthquake and uses it to reduce this.
Cobiax anti-scratch and high-permeability bullets and a kind of thermal habit may be able to help you in these situations and allow you to use discounts and advice.
The Cubiax roof government is at your disposal with other conventional roofs in a limited time, with Terry.
Using this type of management system
Cubiax Ceiling A kind of perfume, you can decide through the server and louder sound.
These roofs have high bending, shear and stiffness.

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