Are the types of houses in the metropolis northern or southern?


What are the types of houses in big cities?
The house is usually divided into four types of northern, southern, western and eastern houses. Below we explain each of them:
What does the northern house mean?
The north house is the house that opens to the courtyard from the alley.
The north end of the building also ends with a plaque adjacent to it.
A northern building receives indirect light from the north, the light part of the building, and from the south, the courtyard of the building.

The northern building has two types of northern and southern units.
The northern units have a lot of daylight, but the southern units do not receive light, and even their windows are almost smaller than the northern ones.
The north building usually has two units on each floor.
What is meant by the southern house?
The south house is the house that opens to the building’s entrance from the street into the building and the courtyard is located behind the building.
In the south building, your property and unit have direct light from the north and south.
The south building has a big advantage over the north building, which is that the south house has a higher occupancy level than the north house because of the need for additional skylights.
There is also a lot more parking available in such a home than the North.
Another point is the building map of these types of homes, which is much more pleasing and desirable, so they are more expensive in some areas of the south.
Note that the windows in the south building units are larger and better shaped in the house, which absorbs more light.
The building plan in the south building is usually designed to have only one unit per floor


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