Introduction to Construction Processes from Zero to One Hundred – Fourth Section

Building molding and concrete

Molding is another process of building a concrete building that uses wooden or metal pieces to form concrete. In the concrete stage, the concrete is soft before being hardened and may collapse; therefore, the presence of molds ensures that the concrete retains its shape until hardened and with high resistance to cohesion.
At this point, the molds must be carefully mounted and tightened; otherwise they may open during operation due to pressures and may damage the concrete. In Iran, the use of wooden molds for concrete building concrete is more common; since mold boards may adhere to wet concrete at the time of molding, surface them with special greasy oils to prevent this from happening. The grease of the boards also prevents the moisture of the concrete from spreading to the wood and makes the concrete firmly firm.
Molding is also particularly sensitive during the construction process; for example, when lubricating the molds, it is important to ensure that the oil does not spread to the reinforcement; . The molding for the different parts of the building is done in certain ways; these are: columns, foundations, main beams and ceiling and all of them have to be molded.

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Waffle roof in the building
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