statement referee committee of architectural competition Plascono


the picture from the top left side is a first person
the picture from the top right is a second person
the picture from the down left is a third person.
The arbitration of Plascono building with below signatories was formed in 1397/10/12 and total of 81 projects were surveyed in deputy of building and energy development,the foundation of the islamic revolution(employer)
At the beginning of the meeting,in line with paragraph 23,section 4,holding comprehensive arrangement for architectural and urbanism competition,manager of competition informed the result of the projects’ review in compliance with competition’s schedule with the projects that are outside the criteria and schedule.
In the following, the referee committee consensus about arbitration procedure and after 3 times voting by knock out method,they decided that in the final level,from 13 projects which were going to this stage,they scored the assessment like hidden vote for choosing 10 higher projects.
The below projects caught the first to third grades:
The first grade:the project with number mmbdzeuq in terms of creativity,appropriate accountability to project executing and poetical commentary to annoying incident of Plasco.
the second grade: in common
A: the project with number f66evxaq in terms of appropriate accountability to schudule and special creativity to today’s encounter with project’s topic.
B: the project with number ufjge8p8 in terms of appropriate accountability to schedule and success to achieve stem and definable volume about urban collection due to the primary pattern of Plasco building.
The third grade: the project with number 36u4kfnn in terms of different and innovative idea in the scale of high_rise building by association the identify of Iranian market and also as a urban element that can be visible and readable in a wide scale.
As recommended of referee committee,the first and second grade (A ,B) are functionality.
The projects with numbers imp7xeid,b7xhreyd,jift7tav,afo9nivr,ikcevwz,f51ctyxw,vhozrxso (with out priority) are eligible for getting subvention in schedule.
The referees:
Darab Diba
rasoul Mirghaderi
hamidreza Sepehri
Amir Farjami
Shahabodin Arfaee
Pirooz Hanachi
Majid Shahsavari
Seyed Mohseb Habibi: the representative permanent secretaries of architectural competition
Ali khodadi: the representative permanent secretaries of architectural competition
Mohammad Vaezi: the manager of competition
Shahabodin Darbandi: the assistant of manager competition
Leila Shavandi: the partner of the secretariat competition


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