• The percentage of participation in construction?

    The percentage of participation in construction?

    Participating in the construction for several years has been well received by the owners of old and dilapidated properties. These agreements, if passed in the right voice and with respect to the rights of both parties, will bring satisfaction, because in recent years, especially in other large cities, few people may own land and capital and expertise to build a new building. Have at your disposal.
    There are many benefits to building a partnership:
    Improving the strength of the new building compared to the old building
    Observance of new and codified engineering principles for building construction
    Create more residential space
    The beauty of the building according to the tastes and standards of the day
    Use of modern materials, methods and machines to build buildings
    But perhaps the most important advantage of such a contract is the benefit that is agreed upon in the short term. For this reason, it is necessary to know the legal and customary cases regarding the calculation of the share of the owner and the builder, and to enter the operation of the participatory constructor more safely.

    On what principles is the share of the landowner and the builder (both parties to the contract) calculated?
    There are common principles for determining the share of each party to a contract, which we will discuss below. Of course, fluctuations in the housing market and price volatility cause many people to be skeptical when it comes to building a partnership. In any case, they normally base their price on the current situation.
    For example, in Tehran, the formula for calculating the participation in construction in each area is based on “the price per square meter of a newly built apartment in that area.”
    According to this principle, if the average price per square meter of a newly built apartment in the area where the construction is to be made is up to four million and five hundred thousand tomans, the profit sharing is usually done equally (50-50). Otherwise, if the average price per square meter of a newly built apartment in that area is between 4.5 million and 5.5 million tomans, the profit rate will change and the share of the landowner will be 55% and the constructive share will be 45%.
    Of course, at the moment, and considering the price of housing, we are no longer witnessing prices below 5 million tomans per square meter for newly built apartments in lesser areas. In this case, in addition to determining the participation formula as 60-40%, an amount is also calculated as “gratuitous”. This amount is paid to the owner by the builder at the beginning of the partnership process so that he can live in another house during the construction and preparation of the new building.

    On what basis is the amount of “gratuitous” calculated?
    The amount of “gratuitous” is usually determined by agreement and there is no specific law about it. But the custom for it is as follows: determining the amount of one million tomans per square meter of the area of ​​the old house in an area where the price per square meter of a newly built apartment is more than six million and five hundred thousand tomans.
    In other areas where the price per square meter of a newly built apartment is less than this amount, the amount of “gratuitous” varies and is determined by agreement of the parties.

    Is there any other formula for calculating the free participation in construction besides the market custom?

    Yes. You can use the following mathematical formula to calculate the share of participation:

    R = A% × D – G% × M
    Total value of property = M
    The value of the constructor = G
    Total construction cost = D
    The share of the owner = A
    Rate amount = R

    A property worth two and a half billion tomans, the construction cost of which is estimated at one billion and one hundred million tomans, and the ratio of the manufacturer’s and owner’s share is 40% and 60%, respectively.

    2,500,000,000 × 40% – 1,100,000,000 × 60% = 340,000,000

    As you can see, the amount equivalent to three hundred and forty million tomans must be paid by the manufacturer for the difference and paid to the owner free of charge.
    In simpler terms, we can say that the owner sells a part of his property to the builder, and the builder pays the owner’s share instead of the transaction amount, and the difference is paid in cash.

    Here are some tips to help you get started:
    If the amount of gratuitous money is negative, the owner’s share should be less.
    Manufacturer’s credibility can also have an impact on gratuitous calculation in participation in construction, because reputable and well-known manufacturers usually pay less for gratuitous.

    What are the other points regarding the calculation of the owner’s and constructor’s share in the construction participation contract?
    It is best to have all stages of property or land valuation done by qualified and official experts.
    Given the sharp fluctuations in housing prices, it is possible that at any time an agreement will be reached on the mutual value of the parties with changes to what was stated in this article.
    Before signing and signing the contract, try to read all its provisions and clauses and understand them clearly.

    In recent years, with limited financial resources, construction partnerships have been well received.
    Determining the owner’s and builder’s share of the project is usually agreed upon and there is no law for it. In any case, most people try to follow the custom and what is common in this field.
    Currently, the calculation of the percentage of participation in the construction is done according to the price of each square meter of a newly built apartment in that area.
    Free money is the cost that the developer pays the owner at the beginning of the project so that he can provide accommodation for himself and his family until the end of the construction operation.

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  • What to do to flood the building? – Part II

    What to do to flood the building? – Part II

    What does retrofitting mean?
    First of all, we need to know what reinforcement is and what we benefit from. The process of securing existing buildings to cope with all kinds of natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms and floods is called “building retrofitting”. During this process, experts are investigating the causes of the demolition of the building and seeking to remedy its weaknesses.

    Some say that if a disaster strikes, it will destroy even the strongest homes. But this is a misconception, and in practice, there is a big difference between a solid building and a dilapidated building, one that is built without safety considerations. In any case, flood-proofing of buildings is a necessity that should not be overlooked.

    Houses on the water
    The role of man in natural disasters and his contribution to the extent of the damage he sees have already been mentioned. Another example of our negligence in the face of adversity is the irregular builders who eventually do our job. The mere interest in negligence has led to most homes being built without engineering or safety principles.
    In addition to disregarding flood building and structural and structural reinforcement, the use of inferior materials, preservation of worn out buildings, lack of proper supervision also adds to the day-to-day building market, while also becoming more dangerous.

    After the flood of April in Shiraz, statistics released that bitterly disgusted the fact that 90% of the houses that were completely destroyed were illegal buildings that lacked engineering and building safety.
    What are the features of a durable building?
    How much do you know about the causes of the building demolition? Are you familiar with the basics of standard construction and structural retrofitting? Do you know how to rebuild a dilapidated building? To find out what building is going to be made strong, you need to seek the advice of engineers and experts. But in general there are some things that are more important in the work of structural reinforcement and flood proofing and ensure its safety.
    Foundation or foundation
    You have probably heard that “the first clay is like the architect’s tilting / until the Soraya goes the tilting wall”; If a building does not have a solid foundation, it can be said to be vulnerable in every way and will fall into a recess of disasters.
    The foundation prevents the building from sinking into the ground. This is one of the causes of the demolition of the building, and it is becoming increasingly important about the flood. Because the flood causes the ground to slip and makes it more likely to sink. So the foundation must be firm.

    The shape and strength of a building are determined by the type of building and the force it exerts on the soil. There are different types of foundation. In flood-proofing of buildings and in porous design of porous structures is a good way to strengthen the building.
    When the foundation of the house is pierced, the water flows beneath the building and floods do not damage the building. Alternatively, you can build a house on a stand with a detachable wall. When the flood occurs, these walls break apart and the building is not damaged.
    Building Glass
    One of the causes of the building demolition, which is also dangerous, is the fragmentation and fragmentation of the windows. In natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and storms, glass is also vulnerable. Under the pressure that comes into the building or as a result of objects’ rapid collision with glass, they are more likely to break and collapse.

    The use of polymer-coated glass sheets strengthens the glass and prevents it from being crushed and damaged. The use of polymers for glass cladding is not an emerging phenomenon in the construction of buildings and has different functions. For example, bulletproof glass uses the same technology. But they have higher polymer resistance than ordinary glass

  • henning larsen wins 2019

    henning larsen wins 2019

    Henning Larsen won this year’s European Architecture Award. One of Europe’s most prestigious architectural awards The award is jointly presented by the Center for European Architecture and Design Studies and Chicago Athenaeum. The award is presented annually from 2010 onwards to architects whose work embodies a vision of dedication and deep respect Is donated to humanity and the social and physical environment. The Awards Committee honored and appreciated Henning Larsen’s commitment to maintaining and sustaining art in the field of architecture. Since the founding of the corporate architecture office, many design boundaries have been created to create more sustainable and livable buildings as well as prosperity. He has discovered cities for the general public. They believe that architecture is a tool for democracy and a framework for a better life. Since the death of Henning Larsen in 2013, the company is now run by an architectural team led by Louis Becker and Matthew Kane Freunden, who renamed Henick Larsen. They have won the world even more than the status and world fame. Looking at recent symbols such as the 2018 Komuna Eye City Hall and as historical projects such as the Malmö City Library in Sweden in 1999, Narkovich-Line balanced the use of Henning Larsen’s architecture as a tool for democracy and well-being of celebrity and the arts. Henning Larsen’s projects have captured the imagination of people around the world and are instantly recognizable as a symbol of the nations they represent. In a sense, they are symbols that have become eternal

    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
    henning larsen wins 2019
  • faculty of psychology allameh

    faculty of psychology allameh

    More about this project
    International registration and company registration services in the UK under the name PKB Engineering consulting
    Advanced architectural services for special buildings in major cities around the world
    Also one of the leading consulting companies in the field of Phase 0 study, Phase 1 & 2 design and Phase 3 supervision in the Ministries of Islamic Republic of Iran
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    Our services include studies, design, supervision, interior design, contracts
    Our projects include commercial project, sports project, residential and office project, health project, urban and urban space project and cultural and religious education project

    faculty of psychology allameh
    faculty of psychology allameh
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