Steel deck ceiling, galvanized sheets

One of the important factors in the construction industry is the elimination of traditional methods and speeding up the implementation of construction projects. One of the elements that accelerates construction is the roof. The use of new roofing techniques will shorten project completion time. Today, most engineers and builders tend to use new methods of construction. Steel deck ceiling is one of the lightest roofs in the construction of structures that is widely used today.

Deck ceiling or metal deck
The steel deck or metal deck ceiling is operated by trapezoidal galvanized sheets. This type of roof requires no molding and the steel sheets that rely on the beams play the role of mold. Ceiling molding is basically one of the problems with ceiling execution that delays the process of ceiling execution. Using a steel deck ceiling solves this problem and shortens the ceiling’s running time. Compared to block joist roofs, this type of roof has a lighter weight and is faster to execute.

The steel deck roof consists of the following components:

Galvanized sheets
Galvanized sheets are trapezoidal in shape, with thicknesses of 0.5 to 2.5 mm. These sheets are trapezoidally shaped in a variety of designs by the cold rolling method. Rigging these steel sheets is essential because these tiles create the necessary bonding between concrete and steel sheets.

Flushings are made of galvanized sheet with a thickness of 2.5 mm. The flushing is mounted on the edge of the steel deck or metal deck and acts as a mold before the concrete is tightened and afterwards it tightens the concrete and makes the roof more beautiful after concrete.

Studs play the role of cutters and are the interface between the galvanized sheet and the concrete. They are attached to structural beams by arc welding.

At the steel deck roof, a rebar grid is used to prevent concrete cracking. Rebar mesh is often used instead of reinforcement to increase the speed of roof execution.

After connecting the bars, the concrete work begins and the final leveling operation begins.

Advantages of steel deck ceiling
The use of steel deck roofs has a great impact on the style of the structure.
The weight of this type of roof is very light and it is easy to carry and store galvanized sheets.
Running a steel deck roof is inexpensive and affordable.
When executing this type of molding ceiling, side beams and tensile bars are removed and no need to use them.
Metal deck ceilings are a good replacement for traditional block joists.
This type of roof can be roofed and concreted in all floors at the same time, which shortens the time of construction project execution and reduces its cost.

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