What are the advantages and disadvantages of the East and West Building Plans?

What are the Benefits of a Western Oriental Building Plan?
Whether the whole plan is an east-west building or just some of the apartments in the east-west view, the residents of those units have the following benefits:
The western part of the house has a long, bright sun in the afternoon. For this reason, the living room of these houses is usually set in the west so that all people get the most out of their natural light.
In the east-west house, the bedrooms are usually on the east side. In this case the rooms will be bright and lively from the first hours of sunrise. Waking up in a bright room is much easier than waking up in the middle of the day.
If the prevailing wind is in the western geographical region to the east or vice versa, opening the east and west windows of the air displacement building can be done quickly and easily. This is especially important in the mornings and to refresh the home.
Western light is very bright at the same time it does not have the heat of the southern light. For this reason, keeping natural plants alive in the rooms and balconies of the west provides the necessary light for their growth.

What are the disadvantages of Western Oriental home?
Western homes, along with their benefits, have disadvantages that lead some people to dislike living in such homes. Some of these disadvantages are as follows:
If you are one of those who do not have a good mid-morning glow, the first rays of sunshine that can come into the room early in the morning may disturb you. Of course, using a thick board eliminates this problem.
Western light, which enters the house through the western window in the evening and into the sunset, is sometimes very bright and focused. To the extent that it may harm some people’s eyes. In this case, it is recommended to use curtains that filter out part of the light.
The eastern and western walls are warmer in the summer and colder in the winter than the south, southeast, and southwest walls. For this reason, it would be more costly to maintain an air temperature inside such buildings.
If the prevailing wind direction is in the east to west geographic region or vice versa, the east and west facades of buildings are more likely to be affected by wind and rain.

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