What is the standard house plan? -Part II

Reception rooms
This space is actually a non-smoking area for guests. The living room should be large enough to accommodate one piece of furniture. In many homes, the dining room and dining room are integrated. In this case, the area should be as large as a dining table. The reception area on the standard house map is between 20 and 35 square meters.
The reception should have direct access to the home and kitchen, but should not overlook the bedrooms or the living room.
It is best to surround the reception with solid walls and not open the door. Because then your hand is more open to the decoration of furniture.

The standard bedroom home map is divided into two types of parents’ bedrooms and the children’s bedroom. Of course, if the house is high in size, the guest bedroom may also have a design that has the same characteristics as a child’s bedroom.
The bedroom should be in the quietest position in the house. That is, try to get to a point in the house that does not reach the kitchen or living room noise. It should also have direct access to the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bathroom, but away from the living room.

The parents’ bedroom is larger than the children’s bedroom. This room should be such that it can accommodate a double bed. A 20-square-meter space is usually suitable for parents’ bedrooms. If the size of the house allows a bathroom in the parents’ bedroom is also a good choice.
Bedroom children vary from 12 to 15 square meters in the standard house map. These rooms should usually be able to accommodate a bed and a writing desk, as most children also use this space for study and study.
The standard home map is a map that addresses the principles of inter-space relations and is proportional to the size of the entrance. The home entrance is an environment that should be completely remote from the private and semi-private spaces of the home and open to reception.
The living room is a space where families come together and must be close to the kitchen and away from the reception.
The kitchen is one of the most used environments in the home and should be large enough for the home lady not to feel frustrated while cooking.
Bedrooms should be located in the quietest part of the home and have access to the living room

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