What can be done to flood the building? – Part One

In April this year, floods occurred in several cities. This, for us – the inhabitants of the flood-prone area of ​​the world – was a bitter warning to think of a serious solution to flood building. Investigating the causes of building demolition reveals the need to rebuild worn-out buildings and standard construction and structural reinforcement.
Human role in flooding
Flood literally means flooding and flooding of the river. After heavy rains, when the river exceeds its normal level, it exits its natural bed and encompasses the surrounding plains. Flood is considered one of the most destructive natural disasters that destroys everything that goes on its way and goes away.
Some think it is the wrath of nature that is emptied of man. But that’s not the case. At a glance, floods, unlike other natural disasters, such as earthquakes, do not suddenly fall on people and are predictable. It also has a beneficial impact on the land, as the remaining mud flushes the arable land.

Meanwhile, the role that humans play in flooding should not be overlooked. Essentially one of the causes of flooding and damage to it is human intervention in nature. The destruction of plants and housing in the vicinity of the river, disregard for their position and relation to nature, failure to rebuild old buildings, and neglect of structural retrofitting and flood retrofitting are the greatest human errors that increase the risk of flooding.
In particular, the removal of vegetation causes the earth to have less power to absorb water and thus flood with more force to continue. On the one hand, there is no standard construction, and these all increase the power of flood destruction.
Iran, a country always at risk of floods
Due to its specific geographical location and climatic characteristics, Iran is a country that is subject to numerous natural disasters. A study at the United Nations University in Japan found that Iran was among the ten countries most at risk of flooding.
The results of another study show that our country is experiencing thirty out of 40 natural disasters and the most destructive of these is floods. Given these facts, there is no room for negligence to forget or erase the problem.

The fact is that we rarely have a standard builder in urban architecture. On the one hand, you have to think of a solution for all these old buildings in the city. Turning to standard construction and retrofitting can improve the situation and lessen the damage

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