A Space of Contemplation and Sanctuary by WOJR

Architecture, just like art, has the ability to detach the individual and provoke a sense of intrigue and inspiration. Some buildings leave a greater mark, especially if the project or the site it is built on has a story of its own

The Mask by WOJR is developed for an individual who lost his younger brother in a lake in Ithaca, New York. After the tragedy, the lake became a zone of detachment from the everyday world, transforming the structure from just a house on a lake, to a space of contemplation

The Mask is designed by William O’Brien Jr., John David Todd, Gabrielle Piazza Patawaran, Justin Gallagher, Kian Hiu Lan Yam, and Joey Swerdlin, and is a recipient of an Honorable Mention from the 2017 Progressive Architecture Award

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