• introducing young architects group

    introducing young architects group

    Announcing the winners of the Pop Tokyo Lab Architecture Competition Awards: Atilio Di Palma, Andrea Lango, Enrico Nicelli from Italy. The competition is held in Tokyo. Atilio Di Palma wants to finish his studies this year. They all studied at the Polytechnic School of Architecture in Turin (Italy) then specialized in different fields of design and chose a name for their team called <Working Group> and in various fields and scales of design including interior design. They work to a larger extent on urban development. They have been able to win design lab competitions in Tokyo and have been named
    Why participate in architectural vision competitions
    In all areas of life, exchange and the ability to deal with others make learning possible through sharing. When designing, we always try to come up with a common result through discussion and discussion, incorporating various skills that each player can discuss. Likewise participating in design competitions allows us to compare our projects and solutions with many others so we can always learn. Understanding how a problem can be solved in several ways, not how a mind can be transformed in different ways. This is the core value of design competitions. We participate in architectural competitions for sharing and learning. In architectural competitions one of the best moments of the architectural profession. This competition is an opportunity not to get too caught up in the bureaucracy of reality, but rather to analyze the thought that leads to a project. Get to the essence of design where the main task begins to shape space through an idea of ​​emotion and possible future. We could never have imagined a career in architecture without competing

    introducing young architects group
    introducing young architects group
    introducing young architects group
    introducing young architects group
  • best practices sketchup lighting

    best practices sketchup lighting

    Realistic lighting is crucial to creating not only realistic scenes but also to leaving a lasting impression and conveying a certain feeling. All lights are not equal, and it is not surprising that many users are in the dark about which light best suits their needs. This guide will provide an overview of the lighting options available via the Enscape objects window in SketchUp

    There are five different lights you can add

    Spot lights

    Sphere lights

    Rectangular lights

    Disk lights

    Linear lights

    Once you add a light, you will be able to fine-tune various settings for the individual lights in the Enscape  window. In addition to lights, this window also allows you to add sound sources and proxies to your model. All lights can be placed with the easy 2-Click System

    A spot light functions similarly to a spot light in real life and provides a very direct source of light. It is a cone of light which emits light from a single point in one direction. By changing how wide the cone angle is, you can control how much of your scene is illuminated. The width of the cone can also determine whether the light is hard or soft Practical uses for spot lights include store displays, desk lamps, street lights or stage lighting. They can also be used in a scene to create dramatic lighting effects, as they are useful for creating an obvious falloff from light to dark

    best practices sketchup lighting
    best practices sketchup lighting
    best practices sketchup lighting
  • A Pop of Color on Public Spaces

    A Pop of Color on Public Spaces

    If a painting can affect the feelings of the viewers with just one observation, imagine a facade of the building’s roof in the city, with beautiful paintings and the art of independent artists in Baltimore that enhance people’s lives through art by adding acting Visually they have come to the public spaces to showcase what’s going to be in the city. Since 2012 they have been working on sculptures and large-scale large-scale paintings. Decadence around the corners of the building and throwing colors on Creating a beautiful look on the floor. Artist using a combination of colors The vibrant pattern of nature in the context of moving themes and symmetry is examined
    Look at some lively paintings created by Jesse and Katie that transform the public spaces into colorful experiences. This piece is made for Knoxville, Tennessee. The design we created for the staircase was constructed from woven curtains created during the crafts movement. The movement throughout Knoxville and most of Appalachia took place during the 1890s-1945s.

    A Pop of Color on Public Spaces
    A Pop of Color on Public Spaces
  • Visual tools for 360 degree design

    Visual tools for 360 degree design

    Visual tools are very important for many architects, designers, architects, and architects to provide 3D models and provide 360-degree panoramic views, as well as fast rendering speed, compatibility with most design software, the ability to quickly update customers with Sending a link by email, with a 360-degree panoramic view of the beautiful 360-degree view, you can discover the height of an experienced building, different rooms, just like what it is, the Lumion software lets you It employs the technology with the most up-to-date and fastest yet most convenient tasks. And see all your design flaws below, there are examples of lumion software rendering

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