Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The most famous buildings in the world have always been the source of inspiration for creativity. Tourists in the world are looking for the beauty of famous buildings and often visiting the famous building is one of the significant parts of foreign travel. By studying a building, we can learn a lot about how life and culture were created during the time it was built, looking a bit like a picture. But unlike a picture, buildings change after construction. They live alongside people, and as a community, design changes in thinking is the use of a building. Conventional wear and tear needs to be renovated, and changing community tastes have a particular impact on the design and function of a building. The construction of the Sabrida Familia in Barcelona is probably the most famous unfinished building in the world. The work was begun in the archipelago of Antoine Gaddae in 1882, after 137 years later, the temple has only been completed by only 70%. It has also recently been given an appropriate building permit and is expected It will end in 2026, even though it is still under construction, this gothic building is interesting

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
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